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Droid Charge contact ringtone selection - Go Launcher


Jan 17, 2011
I am having a problem with my contacts. I am trying to change the ringtone of some contacts in my list, I access my contacts through Go Contacts, select the contact I want to change, I try to change the ringtone from "default ringtone" to whatever I want then click done. Once I go back to the contact it is back to default ringtone. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing, is this an issue with the Go Suite? I had the same problem on my Fascinate.

This seems to only be a problem with changing the contact to "silent". I want certain contacts to be silent all the time, while most are standard ringtones

Thanks for any help!

well, this is something weird - there is no silent option in the stock contacts - I think that is the problem, go has the option, but it's not available due to there not being an option on the phone to start with? Anyway, with that I think I have found a solution - I am going to record a sound of nothing and set it as my ringtone, I think that will work.

Thanks, you have been very helpful!

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