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Droid or Droid 2


Feb 7, 2011
**I have no idea what WTB is...I am sorry if I am in the wrong category!

I have an android Aly and I hate it. I cannot upgrade because I am too soon in my contract with them. I don't have money at all, and any I do get does go toward college....and I am desperate to get a Droid or Droid 2. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me either of them for 50 dollars,I understand that is very cheap....or if anyone knows if I could get one for that price or less, I want to buy. I want a phone that is not rooted. My boyfriend had a droid and rooted it and it died on him completely within the first month.

I know I am most likely not going to get a droid for that price, so any suggestions of anything I can do to get rid of this crappy phone I have now? They just sent me a replacement phone since the charger inside my old one died. Now this replacement phone, the touchscreens totally paralyzed. I cannot unlock the screen or go to texts.


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