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Help Droid Razr Maxx not charging

OK, my wife and I each own the Droid Razr Maxx. Recently her phone died and would not charge back up. She took it to Verizon and the said it was fried. I did a ton of research and tried all the suggestions I came across. I even went as far as swapping my fully charged battery with her dead one to see if it was just a bad battery. Her phone started up with my battery in it and my phone charged her battery just like normal and is still fully functioning in my phone. I tried different charging cables, including 2 OEM ones. When my fully charged battery is in her phone and I plug it in it says charging and shows the little lightning bolt indicator, but the battery just drains down. I even made one of the cables I read about online and connected it to the posts that the battery connects to. This actually charged it up all the way, but when I disconnected it and plugged the regular charger in it just does the same thing as it did before. I did a factory reset. Cleared the cache. There is a cell phone repair shop near me that I took it to. They said if the charging port was bad it wouldn't recognize that something was plugged into it. The guy said it was a bad battery and suggested that instead of paying him I order one off of Ebay (way to turn down business). I don't think this is the case since both batteries operate normally in my phone, I think he just didn't want to admit that he doesn't have a solution.

Anyone else have any suggestions on this? (Warranty is not an option)


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