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Droid X Horrible Battery Life


Aug 3, 2010
HELP ME. i just got my droid x a few days ago and i love it but i cant stand the battery. it just doesnt last me a whole day. and the display, 57%!?!?!?!??! are you kidding me?! wow. can someone give me tips on how to tweak settings and apps to download to make this better. also i heard that advanced task killer can actually be good if you use it as a widget? should i get an 1800mAh battery? someone help me im really pissed
I'm new to Android, but have been learning. I have chosen to stay away from app killers and just tweak the heck out of as many settings as possible. The next OS update has a Force Stop option built-in for applications. Probably the most important thing I did for batery life was to initially use my X until it shut itself off. Then I recharged it overnight without disturbing it. Then I did that again, letting it shut itself off. Battery life improved noticeably. Experienced forum members please correct this if inaccurate. Good luck!
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