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Droidwall - I don't understand whitelisting?


Oct 3, 2011
I only want 3G for k-9 email.

Maybe I don't what a white list is? Or maybe I don't understand the programmer's definition of white list?

The only way I can get Droidwall to work properly is to black list everything I don't want except k-9 email. It's okay until I add a new program or update one. If I don't remember to check the droidwall, and blacklist the "new" programs, oh boy do I pay. I pay $1 a MB on 3G, so mistakes are expensive.

I tried using the White List and it doesn't work for me. I only ticked off k-9, and I have k-9 set for 1kb per message, but many more things download when I have things set that way.

Any ideas?
If you only want k-9 to access 3g, then just check 3g box and not wifi. Then under the menu options, click apply rules. Its that simple. May sound silly, but make sure your have the firewall enabled.

Hope this helps.

By the way, whitelisting means that you have given the okay for the app to access the network.
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I got it. On another forum, someone mentioned that the new Droidwall didn't work for him on Gingerbread, so he was using the old one. I tried the old one and everything works the way it should.

I should download that APK and keep it somewhere so if the developer decides to pull it, I will still have something that works.
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