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Drop Number Game 2048 - Merge Number Puzzle


Jan 1, 2022
Drop Number Game 2048: Merge Numbers 2048 Puzzle is a new brain-training puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours and help you lighten the tension. So, let's not confine ourselves to the square tile of origin as a starting point!

Drop Numbers Game 2048 is an amazing number merge block drop puzzle game.
Focus on the number drop from the block stack and combine the same numbers. You must combine numbers, match numbers, and merge blocks to obtain higher numbers, such as make 2048 or even greater in this 2048 tile puzzle game.

Tap, drop, and combine colorful drop numbers blocks of the same number to score high!
You get fun, colorful block numbers.
So, 1024 becomes 2048, which then becomes 4096, which then becomes infinite. The more you combine, the higher your score! The difficulty grows steadily as the number of bricks increases in size.

It is possible to utilize a boost item to preview the next incoming block if it is too difficult to solve!

If you're used to solving block puzzles, you'll have no trouble playing the Drop Number block Game 2048 - Merge Number Puzzle !!

Number Drop Game 2048 - Merge Number Puzzle is one of the popular number games that are both free and entertaining. It aids in thinking and brain training.

Drop Number 2048 Online Game - Merge Number Puzzle games are for you if you enjoy arithmetic & maths number drop games, 2048 logic puzzle games, or addicting number block puzzle games.

How to play 2048 Drop Number Game:
A slide or a touch on the block will do.
If you slide your hand down to accelerate the block, the block will automatically fall from the top.
When two identical blocks intersect, their numbers are immediately added together.
The higher your merging number, the more points you will receive! Get bigger numbered blocks and earn higher points!
With boosters like Hammer and Color Hammer tools, you can increase your score.
Can see the next block with coins.
Can get one higher point block initial to get more points

This game is completely free to play.
This Drop number 2048 game online is also available.
Visual effects are more comfortable with the simplicity of the user interface, which is new and simple.
"Classic and creative blend of traditional blocks and classic 2048 games, new gameplay based on a drop."
There is a double difficulty in terms of vision and hand quickness. It's easy to learn but difficult to master.
You can challenge yourself to the highest record at any time.

In particular, you'll become addicted to the game when the difficulty level steadily grows with huge numbered blocks.
In addition, this game is perfect for those choosing a number game to play 2048 online, Number tiles match games, and filling and sorting activities.

Can play Drop Number Game offline too. Come and play Drop Number merge puzzle Game 2048 - 2048 drop number puzzle is easy to learn and tough to master! Merge Number Puzzle and become a Merge Number Puzzle game champion now! Have fun with casual games!



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