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Help Dropping data signal / limited data connection and ability to make calls - Motorola Moto G20

Hello everybody,

Is there anybody that can help me out with the following problem please?

It is a problem that occured some two months after I purchased the phone (purchased the phone online), I sent it to the repairer and I did not have access my phone for a few weeks, took quite some time. The problem was solved when I got the phone again, but after a few weeks and the same problem came back, so I was hoping somebody could help me solve it, as likely it is something I can solve myself.

I have also followed all steps on the Motorola Support website incl. factory reset.

The problem is that the network is very bad, the internet connection is very weak and WhatsApp messages come in sporadically. When I go to Google Chrome it says: no internet connection. Sometimes I am able to make a call, most of the times I cannot. Sometimes text messages come through, other times not. I tried to put in other simcards, the same problem. I put my simcard in another phone, then there is no problem with the simcard. I also tried both slots (it is a duo sim, same problem).

I look forward to hear to hear any possible solution.

Thank you,

A weak signal will cause all of those problems. Does this occur everywhere? or just in specific locations? Factory resetting or swapping sim cards won't matter if it's either a bad/low cell signal in your area, or failing hardware in your phone. The other option might be you are being throttled based on your data plan.
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Thank you for your reply, I have used different sim cards and the same problem occurs, it is a problem with the phone.. When I use the simcard(s) in another phone, there is no issue.

Given you've sent this phone in to be serviced elsewhere and if you're certain the SIM card is OK, after all the the other things you've tried it might be time to just set this particular phone aside and get a new one to replace it. Hopefully it's still new enough that there's still warranty coverage so you can use that money to help cover the costs.
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