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Dual Gmail Notification


Apr 9, 2012
Man I love to use a widget for email, specifically GoWidgets. I have an email one that I prefer to use. That aside, everytime I get an email I get two notifications in the status bar up top... one is grey and black, and the other is red and white.

They also interface differently... I can't stand the red and white one and strongly prefer the grey/black gmail one.

None of them talk to each other, so when I delete emails in one, it doesn't happen on the other one, or the widget.

I've checked to see if it was the generic email, notification vs gmail app, and its not. The red/white is the gmail app, but clicking on the "email" app takes me to the red/white gmail as well.

Any help simplifying this mess?

Don't know about the LG specifically, but sounds the same as my HTC and Samsung.

Just had to go to the notifications settings in the app you don't want and turn them off.

As for the syncing, it may bree that you need to wait until both apps have synced with gmail before they match up again, it may not be instant. But again there may be settings that will increase the frequency
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