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Duplicate Contacts Fix


May 26, 2011
Hi, I have a Galaxy S2 with Gingerbread on which I have several email accounts loaded including 2 Live.co.uk, 2 Gmail & 3 Yahoo. On my PC I use Windows Live Mail and have 1 account as the default where all of the contacts are kept although some older accounts still have contacts in their webmail pages.
By the time these were all added I had multiple duplicate contacts showing in my Contacts list on Android. Editing or joining accounts manually was going to be ridiculous.
The best solution I have found has been to use the method on page 122 of the Android Users Guide 2.3 which is called "Changing which contacts are displayed"
Press the Contacts icon, press the menu button / more / Display options / Select contacts to display & scroll down the list & select individual mail accounts and uncheck "all contacts" for some accounts and uncheck other options for Gmail accounts.
For me this has left the S2 just displaying the contacts from my default windows live account. If I decided to make Gmail the default I could change things around again by displaying the Gmail contacts and hiding the Live contacts.
The other email accounts will still sync contacts, but the're hidden unless I decide otherwise.
I hope this proves useful to anyone using multiple email accounts on Android.


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