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Help Duplicate Gmail Accounts

My Razr Maxx is driving me nuts with email notifications. Every time I have a network inturruption I get about 6 email notifications for incoming mail that was deleted earlier. Sometimes it will do this every 10 seconds like it's in a loop.
I have tried everything and finally created another gmail account with the same address( suprised it let me do that). Now I have (2) identical gmail accounts and every time I try to delete the original, I get the invalid credentials error.
I would try deleting BOTH email accts, then "clear defaults" and "clear cache" in the email app, and start over.
that is actually a very good idea
but it helps if you clear the system cache too..whenever the ics starts screwin around...clear the cache and it will become the good kid again
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Are you using the same gmail account as the one that is registered to the phone?

Did you clear defaults and cache on the email app, and/or clear the android cache partition as was mentioned above?

Have you soft reset the phone? (vol down and power at same time)

I have done all of the above and I guess a factory reset is the only way I will ever get gmail working right again. I suspect something got glitched when I upgraded to ICS since it was working fine until that point.
The irony is that I have changed my gmail password online and it is still somehow getting into my account but will not let me into same on phone.
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