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Help Duplicate SMS's

Hey all. So I had a bit of trouble getting my messages from my S2 to my S3. But, after a long time, I finally managed to do it :D. I used SMS Backup +, which stored it to my Google account, then restored it. For some odd reason, it didn't do all of them :(. No idea why, but only did about 75% of them. So I tried to use SMS Backup & Restore. I selected the option to delete duplicate messages, and when it was done, I found that it didn't delete all the duplicate messages. Some of my messages (from what I can tell, only some (or maybe all) of the sent ones that SMS Backup + restored) have been duplicated. Is there any way of going deleting all the duplicate messages, preferably not manually? An app would be amazing :p. Normally it wouldn't be too big a deal, but I might have anywhere up to 5000 duplicated messages maybe :(


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