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E:Can't open /mnt/external_sd/rksdfw.tag


Jul 20, 2013
hi all i'm newbie here. i have an android made by Onix Model number : TB512-16G
my problem is that when you open the tablet it show an android laying with red triangle and an exclamation point. i can reach the android system recovery. i already try to wipe data/factory reset, recovery system from backup all of the 7 option in the recovery ill try it all except for the last one option update rkimage from /sdcard

my suspect is i have a corrupt image of the recovery image or my internal storage is corrupt. any idea how to fix it. or where to downloads rkimage for android ice creamsandwich 4.0....thanks a lot and by the way when i try to recovery system from backup it has an error E:Invalid Image
G'day Eagle20, welcome to Android Forums. I personally haven't heard of Onix tablets so am unable to point you in the right direction to a sub-forum where other users of that device can help you. I'm sure someone will be able to help, it just may take a little longer. I'll draw a few other members' attention to this thread in order for this to happen sooner than later.

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Welcome to AF eagle.:)

I wish we had an answer for you. I'll offer the next best thing. We have a forum (General Tablet Talk - Android Forums) where a lot of odd tablet owners hangout. Er, maybe thats owners of odd tablets. I hope you get what I mean.:) Anyway, a lot of smart folks hang out in there, and hopefully you will get some help.
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