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Help E-mails (Gmail) blank

Hey, guys... I've been having a problem with the e-mail (Gmail) on my S8+, and was hoping you could help out.

Sometime mid-day yesterday, all of my incoming e-mails from my synced account (AOL-- yes, don't laugh) started coming in showing only the header (subject) and nothing in the body. They're completely blank except for "View More"-- which does absolutely nothing when tapped.

I've deleted my account, cleared the cache, reset and reinstalled Gmail, re-added the account.

It seems as if any new e-mails I receive are working and display properly, but now all of my previous e-mails (all of them-- even the ones that were fine before!) in my inbox now have the same problem-- blank except for "View More" in the body.

Any thoughts/ideas? Thank you!



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