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Echo hacks?


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Sep 8, 2016
Just new in the game. Never thought I would buy one. I am one of those that said - what does this echo can do that my smart phone can't? I answered my own question - BT speaker. LOL.

Yeah, always wanted to buy a BT speaker and when I was at best buy in mall of america, testing all 3 'alexas'. I suddenly realized, wait a minute, this IS also a BT speaker! Then BAM! I knew I have to have the biggest of them all and the original - echo.

So yeah then I blackbelt goggle-fu what I can do with this smart speaker and was blown away how I am so LATE in the game. They have a LOT of IFTTT's and stringify's and the likes that I am absolutely clueless what to do with them. I had installed and uninstalled both many times coz I don't know how to work it. Most of the 'triggers' anyway I feel are a joke. LOL.

Now, who can tell me PLEASE to make make my echo function as radio alarm clock? I have read about and tried the recording your voice 'hack' it works but it's a joke

Anyone who has a better one?. I read there's an IFTTT for that but can't seem to find it?
Nothing huh? I will start. I found this to be really interesting.

Reverb. It's an app on playstore. Some people say it's the echo dot on your phone, I say it's the fire TV remote.

Tested it and I turn off my mic on my echo but I speak on the reverb app on my phone, alexa hears my commands. Even on the area that is way far away from the alexa unit.
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