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Apps Eclipse and Android SDK Question (Vista)

I'm sure this question has been asked before, and I even browsed through a few similar threads, but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer.

I just downloaded Eclipse Ganymede and the Android SDK. I am using Windows Vista. So far I have installed Eclipse, unpacked the Android SDK and installed the Android Development Tools plugin in Eclipse. My problem is that when I go into Window -> Preferences and specify the SDK location under the Android tab, My list of SDK targets does not populate. Similarly when I attempt to create a new Android project, I don't have any SDK targets.

I have run the SDK and ADV manager several times, and it is habitually unable to find the site https://dl-ss.google.com/android/repository/repository.xml to download and install the available packages, so I wound up browsing to that site, saving a copy of it on a web server of my own and then using my webserver as a new site. The SDK and ADV manager found it, and claims to have successfully installed all of the components, however my problems in eclipse are persisting. Additionally, my <sdk>/platforms folder is completely empty, and that is where the components are supposedly installed (according to google's Android SDK instructions).

Wanyone know why I'm having these problems, or how to fix them? Thanks.


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