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Edit contact-notes on Android shows 1 line at a time


Jul 16, 2011

I have a HTC sensation 4G running Android 2.3.3. When I edit the notes within a contact, it shows only 1 line at a time. However, when I simply view the contact, it shows the entire notes field. I have notes with 20+ lines. Editing line-by-line is time-consuming and sometimes error-prone. Is there a way to see the entire notes field and edit it by scrolling, etc (like we do with email)?

Here's another related question: I used to have a blackberry before. I could simply move the cursor on a phone# entered in the notes within contacts and call the phone# with a single click. Seems like Android does not support it. Is there any setting to mimic the blackberry behavior?

Thanks in advance.
1) Are you making the edites in landscape or portriat view?
2) you should be able to, as long as the phone can recognize it as a phone number. (But might not, since your in the contacts field.) I'm able to make phone calls by just tapping on a phone number in a note or e-mail. (Takes me to the dialer.) Atrix 4G
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Thanks for your prompt response itsallgood. My answers below:
1) I do not get the landscape mode when I edit a contact. By landscape mode, I presume you mean holding the phone sideways. I do see that mode when I browse email. So the phone does support that mode, but not for contacts.
2) By note, do you mean the note that is part of contacts? I have the phone# stored in the XXX-XXX-XXXX format (no area code). I tried to tap both in the view and edit contact mode. Does not work.

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1) Yes, you have to hold your phone sideways for landscape.

2) I was referring to a note app. For example: when I take notes in the “Colornote” app, after I save the note, the phone number is highlighted. I can press the number and it takes me to the dialer. I don’t believe you can make a phone call when your entering a phone number in the notes field with a contact, without saving the changes first. Also, you should be able to add as many numbers to the contact as needed.
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Re: 1, I presume your phone shows multiple lines in the notes that are part of a contact in the landscape mode when you edit.

Re: 2, I found a rudimentary yet cool solution to the notes issue. I compose an email (in gmail), put my notes in it and simply save it as a draft. I sync it with my phone and I can simply edit and save the draft inline from my phone too. As long as drafts dont disappear without notice (so far they have not at least for me), I think this is the simplest solution to the notes issue. BTW I periodically send the draft to myself as an email for an extra backup. Problem solved (as far as textual notes are concerned). Do you see any issues with this approach that I may be missing?

BTW I used the ColorNote app too. It does have a sync option with gmail. However, can we edit the same note thru the gmail account too and sync it back to the phone? I did not find that option. I am looking for a notes-app that allows easy editing both from the phone and the desktop.
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