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Help Eee Tablet Won't Wake Up


Sep 11, 2011
I've read a couple of post on this and am trying to figure out if I have a defect unit or it is a software problem. Basically the tablet runs fine until I put it down for awhile and then it will not wake up with a quick push of the power button. I have to hold the power in for about 10 sec and then I will get a reboot and things will work until this cycle repeats. I've looked in the file system and there are a bunch of logs generated showing data when it happens (not sure how to interpret).

I've tried shutting off the wireless unless the screen is on, reset to default a couple of times, removed the security lock on the screen and other suggestions.

I had a 16G unit for awhile before this unit and did not have this problem. I upgraded to a 32G and I've had this problem shortly after I started using. Should I return the unit while I can? It appears to me to be more like a software problem.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing?
First thing I'd suggest is to uninstall whatever apps you've added, to see if one of them has gone rogue and is preventing the TF from waking up - especially programs where you're using a widget, or just quit using the widget to see if that helps.
Next thing to try would be a factory reset.
If neither of those things work, then I'd say it's time to get it exchanged.
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