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elder scrolls?


Jan 12, 2011
Hello forum I been trolling the market place looking for a game sorta like elder scrolls. I know their won't be a game like that ,but what title would you recomend with hours of gameplay or a online multiplayer? I don't want to purchase a lot of games so I'm looking for a game that will keep me entertained for hours while I'm on the go. Ty
If u get it loaded up reply on how u did it

I'll do better than that, I'll post a step by step instructions guide on my website so that you'd be able to find it if you google for it! and of course a link here and I'll briefly describe how I did it (I'll try and make it well enough that if you know what you are doing, you will be able to follow along, that way only those that are truly lost will have to go to my website for help!)

I am setting Titanium Mobile Developer right now (while doing a write-up on the steps) after I finish that I'll get to working on Daggerfall (I might still have Arena around here somewhere also...). I have a Windows 98 virtual machine that I can try installing it on first and see if it can just be copied. I will dl a Dos EMU tonight, so I can mess with it a bit before I start working on this. Expect something this week, by next sunday, from me (if I get lucky you my see a post tonight or tomorrow, but don't count on it!)
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So I loaded up DOSemu on android and tried to get Daggerfall to run but no go. Also you WILL need a phone with a built in keyboard, or a BT keyboard to even play since no DOSemu's do virtual KB's and even then that would suck up to much screen space to be usable. So as it stands right now Daggerfall is a no go.
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I've successfully installed Daggerfall on SD card. But the "mount" function of aDosbox isn't complete. I can only mount the root directory of sdcard. If I can mount /sdcard\xx\xx as a hard disk or cdrom then I think at least I can start Daggerfall. Unfortunately, seems the developers have stopped developing aDosbox. Does anyone know them and can encourage them to continue developing?
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update on DAggerfall and Arena...
I never got DOSemu for Android, I have seen it, but never put it on my phone, now I cannot find it in the market. second, I have been working with Daggerfall and Arena on a win98 VM.

I have been having issues with Arena in keeping enough available neniry for it to run. It launches fine (have not gotten sound yet as I have not found a DOS driver for the VM soundcard), I was able to create a character with no issues, but when I pick my gender it crashes with an out of memory error. Not to mention I need a speed modulation program installed to make it run better.

I have the game running without problems (other than a super fast mouse making things hard to controll, but I think a sped changer program would resolve it) in my win98 VM on my pc, sound works (except during movies, because the VM has no digital sound device).

The current problems I have no solution for are:
1. you have to have a working left click AND right click to successfully play either game. If someone can explain how they think both clicks would work in a DOS emulator on a touch screen, (or if there is a way to use a modifier with a physical keyboard) I would appreciate it, as I see this as a kill feature.
2. neither game will run without the CD, I know there are ways around this, I will do some looking on them, I believe that one of them was able to be fooled by changing a line in a text file telling the game that your CD drive was located at C:\whatever\you\want and it worked, so I'll keep looking into this one.

If someone has a solution for either of those, please let me know and I'll get this wrapped up and posted here.
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I am looking forward to Skyrim and was checking out their website. There I found out you could down load Daggerfall for free. Then started to think it would be cool to run it on my droid incredible. So I googled and ended up here.

I guess we still do not have a solution for the problems. Too bad, I would have loved to play ES2 on my phone.
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Shame more devs won't port games to us. Google arlan sword and shadow. Peopel that worked on elder scrolls helped make this game and it is oblivion shrunk down. Very fun game! Of course we are getting order and chaos online soon to our phones wich I've been playing on my ipod and it dosnt get more like world of warcraft then this game! Open persistent 3d world, pvp, crafting, ah, pets, guilds all on your phone! Then there is world of midguard comming soon and bllack star as well. Id hold off on getting any games for a few months then you will have some pretty decent choices.if you must have a mmorpg or just good rpg id recomend dungeon hunter or dungeon hunter2 dungeon hunter 2 has online play and is smooth gameplay. U will have to go directly to gameloft.com on your device to see exactly what games you cn get. Another good title is pocket legends and is currently fee for main conent to max lvl of 56 . It is a bit more cartoonish graphicly but has solid game play with grouping and dungeons. Sacred oddosey and eternal legends are also good rpgs from game loft so you will have to go to site for them. Crusader of destiny is decent but get old fast not on top of my list......... that's all I can think of for now. Wait a few months and wewill be getting some good stuff. If you can't top pick is pocket legends then the dungeon hunter titles.
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I've managed to install Daggerfall on my Samsung Galaxy S2 under aDosBox. The DOS installation for the game ran smoothly with clear audio test and smooth-ish mouse control, but when I try to run the game it complains that it can't find the CD even though I have mounted the drive properly with:

mount d /mnt/sdcard/dagger/dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall

It's weird because the installation for the game requires the CD, and it was able to find the CD then...but not when I want to play :/
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So I loaded up DOSemu on android and tried to get Daggerfall to run but no go. Also you WILL need a phone with a built in keyboard, or a BT keyboard to even play since no DOSemu's do virtual KB's and even then that would suck up to much screen space to be usable. So as it stands right now Daggerfall is a no go.

Search "daggerfall android" on YouTube. Some people are running Daggerfall on their HTC phones with anDOSBOX. Playability might still be a problem though.
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