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Help Email and camera issues

Hey i got my HTC one x the other day,

The camera is great but its creating what appears to be corrupted files. i think it might only be when using the HDR function although!

This was me trying out my camera for the first time


And my mail application the HTC sense one not gmail doesnt really work. itll sync mail fine but not by itself. ive set up the peak times and told it to do it half hour then hour but it doesnt actually sync by itself...

but apart from this and sense crashing now and then im loving the phone!

Thank you


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I had the same issues yesterday after setting up my Hotmail and an Exchange Mail account, and found that in Settings - Accounts & Sync, Auto-sync was turned Off so I enabled this and then enabled the sync for my email accounts which were both listed as Exchange ActiveSync. Now I am being notified of new emails as soon as they arrive in the mailbox.

Hope this helps
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