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Help Email isn't sending images

Hi, Welcome to AF. When you say default email app, which one are you using? The icon that says email? or the Gmail application.

The built in Email app will still need to operate on a provider - namely your carrier or email provider.

If you are using a gmail account on the email app then you shouldn't be experiencing any problems, as I send a lot of photos via the gmail app on a daily basis and none are dropped.
Lastly it could be the receiver's email provider not allowing the file size to be received.

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Thanks for the reply. :)
I'm using the non-Gmail default mail app.

Whether the images are tiny or large, it drops random ones. There are times when I pile 5 small images into one email (all of them freshly downloaded from a web page), and only 3 of them end of received on the other end.

The ones that get dropped technically get sent, but their filesize is '0 kb' on the other computer... empty.
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