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Help Embarrassing Question

Ok this is just plain embarrassing but it's driving me mad.
I spent hours last night trying to figure it out and I just couldnt.
How do you change the appearance of the messages on the phone?
You know where you have the different themes you can put on them?
If you mean the built-in Messaging app... you can't. See here:-


or here:-


However if you install Handcent or GO SMS, free from the Market, there is a whole host of themes and configurations that you can use.

Hope this helps. :D
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Thank you so much for the help! Really appreceate it!

Cheers! :D

I'd like to say it was my comprehensive knowledge of Android... my in-depth understanding of the Samsung Galaxy SII... my hours of research and study into your problems... but actually it was just using the "Search this Forum" feature that got the answers. :)

Glad it helped though Magser.
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