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Help Emulator advice?

I am not a developer or software expert and I have zero experience with android apps beyond loading them on my phone. I now have an project that requires an Android emulator that runs on a Windows 10 machine, so I thought I'd ask some experts. For some background; I am an avid off-roader with my 4x4 and the best mapping software for off-roading are typically meant to run on an Android machine because the majority of Android devices have GPS. I (looking for a larger display) have mounted a Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 running Windows 10 in my 4x4 with a Havis mount. I am looking for a stand alone emulator that will work flawlessly with my Toughbook to run some off-road mapping software like All-Trails, Gaia Maps or OnX Off-road, all of which are android apps that allow offline navigation with downloaded maps. All of the Windows nav software is piss poor compared to the Android apps when navigating off-road. OnX Off-road is probably the best, showing back roads and trails, color coding them to show vehicle type required. i.e. 2 wheel drive, all wheel drive SUV, high ground clearance 4x4, side by side or via foot. My Toughbook has full time GPS and internet via a cell data SIMM, but many places I go are out of cell range.
The best solution I can come up with is to run my mapping app on an emulator, but which one is best for my application? I'm looking for a recommendation for an emulator that will use all the necessary sensors in my machine and run mapping software off-line while out of cell range. Most Android emulators appear to be for development purposes or for gaming but I need one that can run my nav apps flawlessly. and reasonably fast.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


P.S. FYI: My Toughbook has 16 Gig of Ram, a 1 TB SS disk drive and a 4G GOBI Aircard with GPS. It runs a Core i5 Intel processor at 2.70 GHz.
You can try these out and see what works best
Well, I tried the first one, Bluestack and when I loaded AllTrails it appeared to work, but during setup, it crashed. Crashed after every try, but it didn't appear to be in the same place each time. I gave up and uninstalled it. I will try a different emulator with AllTrails again when I have time. I think that the emulators are biased to gaming and I need to find one that works better for Navigation and/or mapping.

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okay I have a tough book as well have you tried the offline maps downloaded and using the windows 10 maps app that's what I use for offline navigation in tablet mode and you can your chrome with a maps extension to bring up google maps just make sure your Toughbook has the GPS device installed
That's what I do now, but I want access to OnX and TrailsOffroad because they have way superior maps for boondocking.
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