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Apps Emulator invalid command-line parameter


Sep 11, 2011
I created a Sample Android Project in Eclipse with a successful AVD created . But As I am trying to run the Project ,Console is throwing following sets of Error

[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] ------------------------------
[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] Android Launch!
[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] adb is running normally.
[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] Performing com.lara.Simple activity launch
[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] Automatic Target Mode: launching new emulator with compatible AVD 'MyAVD'
[2011-09-12 04:14:18 - App1] Launching a new emulator with Virtual Device 'MyAVD'
[2011-09-12 04:14:20 - Emulator] invalid command-line parameter: Files\Android\android-sdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe.
[2011-09-12 04:14:20 - Emulator] Hint: use '@foo' to launch a virtual device named 'foo'.
[2011-09-12 04:14:20 - Emulator] please use -help for more information

As I am Beginner. Kindly help me with the Basic issue of Starting up the Emulator

Bhaskar Anand
Got the Solution of the Problem Here Kindly Refer to the link below in case of similar problem

Vast to go to Window-> preferences-> Android in eclipse and change the path of the old 8.3 format SDK.

For example, if you have:

C: \ Program Files \ Android \ android-sdk should change to:

C: \ PROGRA ~ 1 \ Android \ android-sdk
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