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Engadget review


Apr 3, 2010
HTC EVO 4G review -- Engadget

From review:

"We know what you're thinking, though: what about battery life? Amazingly, we got some three hours and 13 minutes of run time while using the EVO continuously as a 4G hotspot -- and when we say "continuously," we mean we were streaming high-quality audio the entire time. What's more, the phone wasn't even fresh off the charger when we started; it had been on and in heavy use for two hours and four minutes prior. Bottom line, this thing seems to be a champion on a 1500mAh battery; we can't even begin to fathom what a massive aftermarket pack would do to it."
bottom line...

That said, this is truly one of the best smartphones ever made, and even spotty 4G -- a reality of a young technology that's going to take years to properly build out -- probably won't do much to hamper your enjoyment of this thing. It's reasonable to assume that phones like the EVO will ultimately come to every carrier over the next few months... but hey, if you jumped ship for Sprint to pick up this monster, we wouldn't be able blame you.
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ok stupid question but i looked at the first page of the review and watched the video. Right before the video is says Read on?

Is there more to the written review? I cant find any more to read, or is it just the video info?????

Try using Mozilla Firefox to read the review.I had the same problem when I was using Internet Explorer.
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