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htc evo 4g

  1. M

    Root Updating Rooted HTC Evo 4G 2.3.3 to anything newer.

    Is there hope for my 2 HTC Evo's both using 2.3.3? My systems are slower but run fine and have for quite some time. I liked the phones so much I gave my old one to my wife and have a second identical. Both Unrevoked Forever S-off, of course. Most apps now won't run on anything less than 4.x...
  2. K

    Root Evo 4 G from long ago

    I'll probably need to look for old posts so I can say which nam? I used. But this was an Eco4 G set up to work on Boost. It actually worked great but memory warnings and a 99 dollar price eventuly had me switch to the Desire. That was a disaster. But like the Desire that I wrote about elsewhere...
  3. P

    Root Rooting HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread help... noob (pic)

    I'm trying to root an old phone so I can set it up to monitor my garage door. I didn't realize the one-click root that is advertised on the internet costs $39 - call me cheap, but I think I can do it for less, I hope! Is there an easy way for a noob to root this phone?
  4. 1

    Help How to save voice mails + text msgs from Evo after Sprint acct is disconnected?

    I switched from an Evo 4G to Apple iPhone5, and want to recycle my Evo, but there are dozens of voicemails and text msgs on it, that I would like to save as digital files I can access on my home computer, in other words to archive them. eg voicemails from someone who is no longer alive. I do NOT...
  5. D

    Root [ROM] V2.3.7 GamerROM 1 v1.1 For PC36100 Updated 9/22/15

    GamerROM 1 is now for the HTC EVO 4G PC36100 Enjoy the performance you have been looking for Features: * More ram for you * Gapps implemented * Fast blazing UI design * Low battery usage and more Download: http://gamerrom.xtgem.com/htc/evo/4g/gr1.asp Version: v1.1...
  6. D

    Root anyone can test my new rom

    Hello ive been improving the stock os for tge pc36100 htc evo 4g and i wanted to knowany one to test a rom out so i can upload it and send it via your inbox then see if it flashes, i used to have a htc evo with twrp on it but it wouldnt flash it but needing cwm recovery installed evo to test it...
  7. Mikestony

    Root test thread

    Test in HTC Evo 4g forum. Edit: moved to the root forum
  8. M

    Root How to root my updated htc evo 4g

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to this forum shin dig, and I have been looking at how to root my phone. Ive seen stuff for the non updated version of the evo 4g but not the updated one... the build number is - 5.07.651.6 can someone please help me?! have been trying to for a couple months now, why do...
  9. D

    Root Curiosity: Why did activation increase power consumption?

    Believe it or not, I am a newby when it comes to mobile phones. (I have had an Android tablet for over 3 years.) I recently acquired a 2 or 3 year old HTC Evo 4G. Before activating it, I played around with it using wi-fi. I discovered that, if I put it Airplane Mode with wi-fi and Bluetooth...
  10. N

    Root HTC Evo 4G 0 MB storage.

    I tried rooting a HTc Evo 4G sprint phone I bought. Somehow one of the roms I screwed up my phone with. My phone has recovery flashed on it. However it won't mount storage or SD card. No matter what I try. I can't fastboot flash anything, but recovery. The recovery says unable to mount storage...
  11. jg62

    Root Stuck between Rooted and Un-rooted

    You guys/gals are my last resort, (unfortunately I should of stopped by first and avoided my current situation) so put your thinking caps on. I had to pull an old phone (EVO4g) out of retirement after my wife tried to drown her S3. Went to the Un-rooting directions by Mike Stoney and OCN...
  12. B

    Help Time stamps wrong on texts

    I just recently moved from central time zone to mountain time. All of my texts from my friends in CT are stamped 2 hours earlier than they are actually sent. Such as, a friend just texted me and it was 4:24 in her time zone, 3:24 in my time zone, but it showed up on my phone that she had sent...
  13. A

    Help Malfunctioning Camera

    I was loving the camera on my Evo until a few weeks ago when it started having problems. When I open the main camera the image is extremely grainy and colors are distorted (I would post a photo but the forum won't let me). The secondary camera (the backwards-facing one) still works fine. I...
  14. R

    Root flashed evo 4g error 16

    hello I flashed an htc evo 4G to boost mobile following a guide on this forum. the phone worked for a couple of minutes and now I am getting an error 16 when a call is placed. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. K

    Root "Low on space" again and again

    I actually wrote about this in the past. Managing apps, deleting apps have always worked to make that annoying reminder go away. But it's back again. My last move was to delete a couple of large apps which worked for 6 months or so. I haven't downloaded any new apps but what I'm wondering...
  16. T

    Root Rooting help needed

    I need some help PLEASE.. I can not find a way to Root this HTC EVO 4G.. I tried Unrevoked's web site and their download links don't work. Could anyone please help me root this phone.,. IF you have the : reflash_package.exe can you please attach here for me... Thank you in advance.. Also...
  17. U

    Root Stuck on HTC screen with 4 triangles in corners

    Hello, my son was trying to unroot his HTC Evo, when I mad a mistake and pulled the usb cord out. Now it is stuck on the black HTC screen with the 4 triangles in the corner and it won't do anything else. Computer won't recognize it or anything. I have tried everything that I have seen the the...
  18. P

    Help HTC Evo 4G Default Picture Folder

    Hello all, I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but I've still got my old HTC Evo 4G. My question is how can I change the default save to folder for pictures? I don't have an SD card in the Evo anymore and when I try to use the camera it tells me to install an SD card. I would like to...
  19. patsfann

    Root A ROM just for Wi-Fi

    Was hoping someone (dev) could make a ROM just for Wi-Fi ..without any network searching for this phone its not connected,, I just use it like a tablet... Thank you in advance. P.S. (preferably jelly bean or kit kat)......
  20. N

    Root package file invalid error

    When I try to install any application, I get the error "Package file is invalid" :confused:
  21. Q

    Help Is the regular camera of different quality in different models of the HTC EVO Sprint 4G?

    I just replaced my old HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) with an identical model (both are a9292 or PC36100, or so I think...). The new one, though, has a significantly worse photo quality. I don't know if it's a hardware or software issue, but my old phone took incredibly pictures, even at macro...
  22. A

    Root Rom recommendation for HTC Evo 4g (Supersonic)

    Would like to flash a new rom and give new life to my Sprint HTC Evo 4g for my daugher. I'm looking for the latest stable ICS or JB based ROM that will run "nicely" based on the specs below: Android 2.3.5 Stock Rom Baseband Kernel Build 5.07.651.1 hboot 2.18.0001...
  23. A

    Root HTC EVO4G - WiMAX center frequency

    Hello all, I am new here. Tried to find "changing WiMAX center frequency" discussion on the forum but managed to find this only: [Q] WiMax chip frequency change | EVO 3D | XDA Forum Need help with Wimax settings in EVO - HTC Evo 4G Forum : HTC Evo 4G Forums I have purchased a used HTC...
  24. S

    Help Cant get into bootloader

    Ok i have 3 issues here,1st, i have tried the volume down + power button still cant get into the bootloader screen...2nd, the flashlight is so bad i cant even use it in the dark & the camera is blurry,so i wanna know if its normal?...3rd, the wifi is not tethering,so is dat normal?
  25. S

    Root HTC EVO 4G "If you cannot get into recovery"

    "Recently there have been problems with people (who happen to be running cm7) getting stuck in a bootloop without the ability of getting into recovery to get out of it. If this happens, there may still be ways of getting your phone working, but it is going to require expertise that is currently...