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Root Eris- Calendar Widget


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Dec 13, 2009
Sorry if this has been asked. I did a search.

I have the large HTC calendar widget installed on my Eris and then on another screen, I have the smaller version loaded so that I can actually read what is coming up.

Tomorrow (May 21st) is a friend's birthday. Its marked correctly on the large calendar. On the small calendar, it states that the person's birthday is today all day May 20th?

What have I done wrong? I can't find it.
Sorry, I put this in the wrong spot.. will someone move it? I don't see a way to delete it.


It is in the wrong spot :D.. but I'll try to help anyway.

My guess is that in the smaller calendar was not really telling you that her birthday was on the 20th. It was giving you a day's notice of an upcoming event... the birthday on the 21st.

Had you had an even on the 20th, it would have given that priority. But since you didn't, it was letting you know what's coming....
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