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Error message when updating

Problem solved !

There is no error message if i update with the new allphone 2.2 rom

But the checksum of "boot.img" don't seem to be correct :

CheckSum -- /mmc1/image/boot.img END !FAILED! f88e4323 != 83fe9d6e
CheckSum -- End!

I will redownload the firmware to see if the result is the same ....
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Hello pino13,

I'm trying to flash Allphone-3GW100-2.2-110208, I think it is the one you posted (not sure)

but I tried this one but I can't download from u.115.com, I downloaded from ftp://ftp.allphone.com.cn/Allphone-3GW100-2.2-110208.rar instead, but I think it is corrupted (the boot.img, see above #4), is there another link or mirror ? thank you...

EDIT: i'm already using LeOS 2.0, but the google/youtube/... services seems to be locked by lenovo, also not being able to use android marketplace is annoying too, and as I can't flash native gingerbread, Allphone 2.2 seems to be a good choice...
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I checked the chinese forum and it seems that they posted the wrong link by mistake, so the firware that you downloaded was in fact for 3GW101, that's why you are getting the error.

The problem is that now the chinese guys seems to have pulled off this version, I don't know why, maybe they have discovery a major bug.

But , I believe you missed this topic:

where we have discovered a way to install market app on LeOS 2.0 beta

I have youtube and android market place running perfect on my LeOS 2.0
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Thank you for your answer, unfortunately I can't use ADB/fastboot commands, I followed the how to (install ASDK, fastboot, ....) and my phone isn't recognized even after that...

it's the reason why I need a valid version of 3GW100 allphone 2.2 so I can flash my phone
(vanilla gingerbread don't have any mbn files)
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