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ETF and 411 fee

I don't know. If 411 wasn't advertised or noted in the contract as a "free" or included feature, I don't see how adding a fee would provide a way out.

That said, I've never even considered 411 since I can look things up plenty fast and accurately on 3G, 4G, or wifi.

In an age of everything's accessible self-service, I anticipate fees for almost anything requiring hands-on assistance.

The sad part is I don't see any breaks coming from self-service. I'm less concerned about my phone carrier than the fact that I don't get any $ back or discount for checking myself out at stores with self-checkout.
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I really don't see how a $.20 increase on an optional feature you're only charged for if you actually use it could be enough to break a contract. But then, I haven't checked my contract to see if that $1.79 price is specifically mentioned. I suppose if you really wanted out of your contract badly enough you could fight for it.

I'm more upset that my bill went up $.36 from last month. Stupid "Federal-Univ Serv Assess Non-LD". It's also the damned taxes and fees that send my $12.95 metered home phone line to over $20 every month.
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So I emailed dan@sprint.com and they called me back. Basically I'm SOL about the ETF's but I did learn that if I port out and port back within 45 days they will credit my account the ETF fees and I wouldn't loose my 6 years with them. And somehow I ended up with a free Airave. Oh well. Guess I will have to decide what I'm doing.

Did you ask Dan why a customer who upgraded in Nov '10 is forced to wait until Nov '12 for another upgrade-discount by a policy change in Feb '11?
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