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Help Every app has problems connecting to my Google account


Jan 5, 2014
My phone has a universal problem connecting to my Google account.

Maps - when I type in a keyword, say 'new york', it takes between a minutr to a few minutes to give me any search suggestions (autocomplete). That's because it's trying to access the data they have on me through my account before giving me the results.

When I actually search, it takes minutes as well to find anything, or more often gives up with a 'can't search' message.

I can't save any location or attraction with the yellow star button, again, because it requires connecting to my account.

None of these happen whem I use maps within Chrome, because then it doesn't even try connecting.

Chrome - If I have a few tabs open, then quit chrome completely, next time I launch it it will display only the latest tab, and show blank on the tabs button, as if there are no tabs. It will take a few minutes for it to contact my account and retrieve (recall) all the tabs.

Youtube - it just won't load any videos, I reckon because it takes too much time to connect.

I am able to access videos through Chrome, same as above.

What do you think is the solution?


Edit - I've attached a screenshot of some of the settings I suspect have a hand in this.
Is that how it should look?



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Thank you guys, but the problem has happened suddenly. I'm registered to a mobile company, and everything had gone well, until suddenly the problem showed up. Nothing has changed with my plan or speed.

Moreover, ever since things started to be that slow, it's consistent around the world (I'm traveling now) - which further strengthens the argument that's it's something in the phone itself.

The problem stops whenever I'm on wifi, regardless of how slow or fast it.
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