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Android Expert
Jan 7, 2011
Long Island, NY
Hey guys,

A lot of you know me as NY11725. I've most likely given a lot of you help with your Android device.


if you're into Motorcycles, I just made a forum called EverythingMotorcycle. It doesn't matter what kind of bike you have, you're welcome to join! We're extremely new so we're looking to grow. We're also seeking moderators at this time.

Come check us out, and join today!

Also, if anyone needs help with their device, feel free to send a PM anytime.
I tried to register, but the confirmation code isn't visible in Chrome on my droid.

If you're using your phone when registering, you can't use the mobile site. You need to go into options, and change it to desktop view.

I may be interested in helping moderate, I've done that for two car forums. I've been riding for a long time. Feel free to P.M. if you like.

Awesome, there's a thread on the forums about it.
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