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Evo vs Galaxy Tab


Jul 12, 2010
I hope I am posting this in the right area. I am a current BB user and looking to move to Android. I would like to know what the group thinks on this question. I am looking to get either a Evo or a Galaxy Tab. I basically live on my BB. Web surfing, email (personal and work), music player, texting ect..which would the group buy....evo or galaxy tab. Also any idea as to what the pricing will be from Sprint on the tab? Thanks for the help

You and I are in the same boat. While I am going to keep my Blackberry Bold as my business phone, I am looking for a bit more excitement out of my personal phone (Blackberry 8330).

I am looking long and hard at the EVO. It has a lot of features that would make having a phone fun again (not saying I don't have fun with my Blackberries, it is just they are more for business).

The main reason why I haven't gotten the EVO is it several months old and I have a feeling, Sprint will get a much better Android phone than the EVO/Epic. So I may play the waiting game.
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There are two things about the Tab that concerns me - the exorbitant price and the size. 7" is small for a tablet, but is too big for a phone. I would never want to be caught talking on one of those things. But if features are alone the criteria, then I would say the tab is marginally ahead. But only because they released later.
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