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Help Ex iphone user needing help!!

I recently purchased the Galaxy S3 coming from an iPhone 4S. I was trying to install my music on the new phone (which I accomplished 2.5 hours later) by copying and pasting the songs into the music folder on my PC for the S3 from iTunes. But I was out of service today and when I tried to play some of the music, the phone came up with a message that said I could not listen to the music because I didnt have an Internet connection?! What gives?? Have I disabled something I shouldnt have? Some of the songs will be white, but some will be greyed out. The greyed out ones are the ones that I can not listen too!! HELPPPP!!!:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Alright try copying them from the folder that itunes saves your songs too, that might help. If you can't find it try a windows search of one of the song names, it should bring up the file and then you can just right click and pick "show folder" or something like that. then paste them to the music folder on your s3's sdcard and see if they load up in the music player.
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