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Excited 64gig Micro SD coming in today


Android Enthusiast
Jul 21, 2012
Pretty excited I have a Class 10 64gig micro sd card coming in today for my tablet. What I have read online a quick format makes its compatible with the Galaxy Tab 2. I guess I will find out today if that's true worse case if its not I have a 64gig USB drive lol.
There is always the option to use multiple 32GB SD cards or buy the $20 USB adaptor from Samsung and use USB memory sticks.
Galaxy TabTM Adapter (USB) (remove 10.1)

I looked at one of them adapters and I keep reading the same thing over and over. It made people nervous because it plugs into the charging port and was so ridge. People where worried one jolt, drop, bump, etc would end up breaking the adapter off leaving the device in ruins.
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