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samsung galaxy tab 2

  1. Ann Carr

    How to move some files to SD Card

  2. Ann Carr

    Delete Files from One Drive?

    Hi, I just installed Microsoft "One Drive" on my Galaxy E Tablet, Galaxy s7 and on my Windows 10 laptop. I also have MS Word on both Galaxy's and WordPad on the laptop. One Drive has many great features, but I cannot figure out how to delete files from my Gs7 and tablet. Is there a way to...
  3. R

    a question about a samsung galaxy tab 2-10.1

    This is an Android GT-P5113 CE0168 tablet. Is there any kind of an external line in jack to the micophone in this tablet? There are Android type Amateur Radio digital sound card driven prog's that connect to a 2 way radio to transmit and receive digital signal's. I need an audio line in plug in...
  4. S

    Help My tablet's charger keeps turning off the device

    The charger I have the problem with came in with the tablet when I first got it. Every time I connect the charger to my tablet, the device suddenly turns off, without the vibration. It doesn't even show the charging battery thing, there's just a black screen and a simple Power tap won't turn it...
  5. W

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will not accept password or allow reset

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (model GT3113) that will not accept a password that I use to read an online newspaper. the same password works fine on my laptop and all other apps on the tablet work fine and connect with passwords. There is no way I can find to get a "lost password" procedure to...
  6. D

    Root TAB 2 rooting

    Hey new to the forums and need advice on what is the best choices for rooting a TAB 2 7.0? I have a pair of them that are for my kids to use, they download a lot of crap and it tends to slow this tablet down and that kills the battery. I want something that allows me to delete the majority of...
  7. rduffy5

    Help Tab 2 10.1 - can't get past boot logo

    So I got a used Tab yesterday. When I turn it on, it can't get past the pulsating Samsung logo. I tried going into recovery mode and doing a reset, to no avail. i have tried download/odin mode, but my computer won't recognize the tablet when I plug it in. Not sure what to do next- it's not my...
  8. Z

    Help Help

    Hi I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 and for the last few months been getting lots of unwanted apps loading and when I uninstall them the next time they reappear. its slowing the system down and everytime I download a programme on my skygo app its slow and I get these adverts come up as well. what...
  9. Ann Carr

    My new Galaxy Tab E?

    Hi, I'm glad to have found this forum. I have had my Nexus 7 for a number of years and recently upgraded( from Best Buy) the Galaxy E....I guess it's Galaxy 2 but the box says Galaxy E. Can't seem to find anything about it anywhere..... The model: SM-T560NU Android ver. :5.5.1 Dimension...
  10. Moisés Silva

    Help Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies an

    Good afternoon, I was trying to update the Galaxy tab 2 firmware and gave error, because after that I can no longer turn off, and not run it again Odim nor kies will be some conchece some other way to reverse this problem?
  11. D

    Help Tab 2 Freezes in Google Account Settings

    I'm trying to delete a few Google accounts from my tablet, but I can't seem to get into the Settings page for it. It either freezes or becomes unresponsive and closes. I have over 10 accounts and I suspect that it doesn't load because there are too many to list or something. I'd prefer a...
  12. C

    Help Galaxy Tab 2 stuck in bootloop plus charging issues

    My Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) GT-p3113 has had issues lately. Two days ago it had issues charging, and because the cord I was using was a bit old, I got a new one (One that came with other Galaxy Tab 2 I had) and it charged fine for a bit. Then the charging issues came up, it would jump from 22...
  13. M

    Help Replace charging connector on Tab 2 7.0

    I need to replace the charging port on my daughters Tab 2 7.0 I have proved that this is defective by getting the TAB to charge by applying pressure to the charging connector to force the contacts together. The charging cable is good because it works perfectly on my TAB. So - I have...
  14. S

    Help with touch screen

    Im trying to flash the GT-P1000L with Odin any ideas whats the best Firmware for that one???
  15. W

    Help Screen acting weird

    Hi there, I am having some trouble with my little brothers tablet a couple of weeks ago the screen started acting weird you can see some green/red pixels but not much but now the screen is al over it replacing the screen didn't help so does anybody has an answer? Thanks. Greetings William
  16. F

    Root System files missing

    Hi everyone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 On Android Jelly Bean and I have accidentally deleted my touchwiz files and now my tablet will not function properly. I do not have the Home/RecentApps/Back bar on the bottom of my screen and I do not have a notification bar. Also, these messages...
  17. Android_drone007

    Network issues

    Hi, I ve a samsung galaxy tab 2, i keep seeing too many network crashes while using apps like whatsapp fb n some games too. I tried resetting but still the problem persists... Pla help!
  18. syfer1987


    Hi my Samsung tab 2.7.0 is doing something strange. The charging icon use to to be red but then I rooted this which I did and I have running Resurrection Remix 5.0.2 Lollipop v5.3.7 2nd Mar 2015. Even before rooting it the battery would have red x on it and it would be stuck on charging made...
  19. L

    Help Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

    I had a samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0, and it is locked with a password that I do not know. I had heard that a hard reset can fix the job, but I do not want to delete all my photos and videos in there. Any suggestions?
  20. H

    Root downloading jelly bean 4.1.2 or 4.2.2

    I have been trying to get a stock version of jelly bean 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 for my sansung tab 2 7.0, gt3100 it's the 3g and wifi one though i don't think that matters. I have found one on rapidgator but i dont have an account and to pay for just that one file is a bit steep. I have also fount one...
  21. G

    Root Can i UNroot this tablet?

    my kids have a Galaxy Tab 2. their friend was over a few weeks ago and rooted it without asking. I didn't know/notice until just now. the device lost its ability to connect to Google servers, to go to the play store, use the youtube app, etc... I spent hours trying to fix it...
  22. J

    Help [Q] flashed resurrection rom on galaxy tab 2 7.0, no memory left to install apps

    I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3113 (used to have jellybean 4.2.2.) and flashed the Resurrection Remix custom ROM and GAPPS on it. It's fantastic and running great!!! The tablet came with 8 GB of space and I have a 32 GB sd card in it. I keep getting "not enough space" warnings from my...
  23. D

    Help Tab 2 SCH-I705 problem

    My SCH-I705 will not power up, turn on. Holding down Vol+ and Pwr does nothing. Holding down Vol- and Pwr does nothing. Holding down Vol+ and Vol- and Pwr does nothing. Is this a soft brick; hard brick; what can be done to solve this? Thanks, dlw
  24. belimbor

    Help Sim card problem

    Hi there, I read topics about sim card recognition, but my problem is different. I have 3 sim cards, two of them I want to use for my phone and one for tablet. Problem is that it recognizes only one sim, which I want to use for phone, while it is my primary number. I went at the service office...
  25. Skynet11

    Official Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 User Manual - The official Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 User Guide Read more about this resource...