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Facebook App not publishing status updates...


Android Enthusiast
Mar 9, 2010
when i update my status from the app on my phone (droid x), it only shows up on MY wall and not on the usual list that my friends see...I have deleted the app, re-downloaded, clear data, etc. On facebook on the PC, under account settings and "other applications" where facebook for android would be listed, it is NOT there...so that may be the problem, but why isn't is showing up in the list?
Yeah, i started using tweetdeck/mobile webpage and i also rated the fb app on the market 1 star, rated it 1 star on the facebook page for it, and emailed the developer voicing my concerns. I'm hoping sometime the app will be even remotely usable for me...

I'm hoping that the facebook announcement tomorrow brings an update that is truly an upgrade to android.
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