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Help Facebook Widget dissappeared


Apr 12, 2014
I have a Galaxy S6 ... FB does not come pre-loaded.
GT-I9505 running 5.0.1

For no apparent reason during the day (i.e not been a reboot) my Facebook widget (4x3) disappeared.
Assume FB updated itself ... seems to do this more than any other app.
And no FB widgets show in widget list.

Checked that FB not installed on SD card.

Removed FB, reboot, installed FB ... no difference.
FB - the app is working OK, just no widgets.
Yes you can. Goto the playstore, goto settings, or installed apps, goto Facebook, and choose not to auto-update. Google "Facebook old version" and you should be able to install one from a week or 2 ago. You may have to go into your phone security settings and allow installation from unknown apps to allow your phone to install this old version.
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