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Apr 8, 2010
if you want to see something funny, check out this link:

Motorola teases the real Xoom Super Bowl ad: George Orwell, flowers, iPhone-using automatons in white hoodies all involved -- Engadget

the thing thats funny isn't really the snippet of commercial, its reading the apple/engadget fanboy comments underneath. They just crack me up. many of them don't even know that the xoom is running android honeycomb, actually i don't even think they know what honeycomb is cause it's not apple.

mods, i know this isn't exactly the right place to post this, but we are all moto people in here so that's why i did it. :)
These apple fanboys are ridiculous. You can't say anything remotely negative about apple or its products without being attacked.

Heck you can't even reference an old apple commercial to make fun of it. Why do they take offense to that?

But I suppose the apple fanboys can say the same about android fanboys... so I dunno. I am certainly not offended when someone criticizes a gadget that I have. Just because someone doesn't like what laptop I have, I should be offended? This whole thing is silly.
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I think the commercial is a good one - too bad its cut off in the elevator scene. Don't worry about those who take offense, it just means the ad is effective :D

I much prefer my DX to the iPhone, but I'm happy to have the choice and have no problem with anyone who likes Apple's product better. We all have different needs and can make choices from a wide selection of phones - it's a good thing.
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It's come full circle.. the Apple 1984 ad was run during the super bowl.
Now Motorola parodies it, but the iFanbase has lost the message in translation.

The message I get out of even this small snippet is how much Apple did not want to be '1984' but became that way despite being against it.

I think Motorola is poking Apple and reminding them of that very fact.
They won't care.... and the new generation of kids that did not see the 1984 ad or never hear of it will frown upon it simply because they don't understand what it means.
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