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Jan 1, 2013
I've only got 2 episodes to go before I watch the Peacekeeper wars. I didn't get to watch the whole series when it originally aired because I had a crappy local cable company that drooped and added channels frequently. Now that I've had time to watch the whole series, I consider it my favorite sci-f series of all time!
Theres so many of my favourite series listed on this thread!!!:D

It has also reminded me how much of them I still have left that I need to get watched!

Ive got the last 2 series of fringe and only got about 3/4 of a series into BG

Loved farscape and babylon 5 when I was a kid though and still do, and firefly/serenity was a brilliant and completely unbelievable when then cancelled the series!
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I actually loved the X Files but it is one of those shows where you have to watch every single episode because the main storyline is spread so thin. Then again I watched it as it originally aired but now you can find lists online if you just want to watch it for the main storyline. I actually liked the standalone episodes better though lol. As far as the movies I liked them both.
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