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Fast Notepad files location on Chromebook


I found a thread about the location of the Fast Notepad files, but it didn't help me at all. I found some app files under Play files/android/data, and according to the thread I should find a folder named "com.taxaly.noteme.v2", but it's not there - I can identify the apps that all the folders belong to and fast notepad isn't one of them.

I have several notes on it so it has to be somewhere right? I have a Chromebook CB311-9H-C5KP (N17Q8). Where else could I look for them? I need to reset my chromebook to factory settings as it's being glitchy, so I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. I'm attaching a sreenshot of the folder although I don't see how it'll help - the "Color.Note" you see is for another notepad app called Color Note".

Thanks in advance!


  • Screenshot 2022-11-26 14.57.44.png
    Screenshot 2022-11-26 14.57.44.png
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