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Fastest and smoothest UI?

So, recently I have been interested in the smoothest custom UI that is available. No, I am not talking about ROMs or anything to do with rooting. I am speaking of TouchWiz, Optimus UI, Color OS, ect. Which one do you think is the fastest, most responsive, and smoothest out of all of them? I can certainly say, from watching videos and from my own personal experience that the Optimus UI is NOT the best. I've heard many bad things about Samsung's custom UI as well, but what do you think? I own a Nexus 7 and it somewhat isn't so responsive, but it is a year old.
I've heard many bad things about Samsung's UI, but personally I've never had trouble with it. My only caveat is lack of certain customization features and spacing for looks, but doesn't do bad in terms of responsiveness or smoothness. However, obviously the lighter UI is faster and incrementally smoother, so I'd say it's probably Sony and Moto at the top, being the least customized of all, barring Nexus devices.
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