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few behold2 questions/problems


Nov 24, 2009
So far I have found two problems.
1)If u go to settings, display settings, and lcd brightness I keep getting an error message saying it has to close?
2) I set a AOL "you've got mail" for my message alert, but when i get a text it goes back to the default tone? and sometimes it will go off so I check the phone and there will be no messages?

Anyone else have these problems
When the "notification" sound plays and you don't have a text it is because the system was alerting you to something. Plugging/unplugging the charger, sd card unmounting/remounting.

The sd card mounting/unmounting and getting corrupted is a problem with the BH2 when using the sd card that came with the phone. If you are having this problem you can buy a better quality sd card and most likely solve it. Mist of us swear by Kingston brand for memory.
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