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Help File picker not working from any app - Android Oreo / 8.1


Jun 20, 2022
I have a strange and frustrating problem that I can't seem to select files on my phone.

It doesn't matter which app it is - whether it's trying to add an attachment to an email, send a file via WhatsApp (browse other docs...), upload a file using Chrome, etc - whenever I tried it, the "Recent" files screen pops up briefly and then disappears again before it even fully loads.

I fiddled with some options in developer tools (perhaps it was something like "show all errors" and the error that is shown is "File has stopped" or if I try it several files "Files keeps stopping".

When I reboot to safe mode, it works correctly. Perhaps it's a problem with another installed app, but I have over 100 other apps installed and don't want to uninstall and re-install them all.

Is there a way of selectively disabling some apps to see if they are the cause without actually uninstalling them?
Or any other/better way of troubleshooting this?

This is happening on Android Oreo 8.1.0 on an Umidigi One Max.
First, Files is generally a horrible file manager app.

Keep in mind that stock utility apps exist to get you by until you find something better.


Thanks for this suggestion.

I tried installing this app, and I can open it from the menu but it doesn't seem to have helped when I try to select a file from another app.

Is there something I have to do in settings somewhere to tell the system to use that app when it needs to select a file.

For example if I try to use the Gmail app to attach a file to an email the default files app still appears momentarily and then crashes.

If I try to upload a file to a website from Chrome it does give me a choice of apps but only between the default Files app and the Camera, Camcorder apps. It doesn't give me the option to use that File Manager app that I just installed?

Any tips/other suggestions?

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No, unfortunately- what I think you desire is becoming more and more difficult to achieve, due to the 'security' practices of Google.
(Of course, they would never think about placing such limitations upon their own exceptionally intrusive (Files being one of those).

What you CAN do, however, is locate the specific file in File Manager Pro and select it- then share it to the app (G-Mail, Telegram, etc.) that you choose.

Yes, this is backwards and inconvenient.

I am not sure, but it is quite possible thatyou may be able to do what you want with ProtonMail.
You can set up a free account, and still keep your G-Mail account for other things.
(G-Mail is what I use for contact info with those that are likely to send me spam.)
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