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Help File size popup?


Oct 9, 2014
This morning I started getting a small popup at the bottom of my screen saying the file size was too large and to make sure it was less than xxMB.
I'm not downloading anything or uploading anything, nor am I trying to attach something. I wasn't doing anything at the time. This popup is still occurring every few minutes.
I just scanned for viruses and none were found and I've restarted the phone.

Anyone know what this is?:thinking:
Try MalWareBytes app, might be a worm.

My phone picked up a worm that I could not get rid of, finally was forced to do a Factory Reset.

Prior to the FR, I did a backup with Kies 3.0 and Helium, and I added Nova Launcher which imported my TouchWiz home pages with folders intact. Made a backup with Nova.

Then I did the FR and rebuilt the phone by importing all the setttings, first with Kies 3.0 and then with Nova. The results turned out pretty good for me. Haven't used the Helium backup yet.

My worm was trying to get me to load a virus remover app, it was a full page display overlaying my regular stuff.
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