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Filtering Google Play apps by permissions


Oct 12, 2021
I am generally concerned about privacy.
Along these lines...

Is there any tool, websibte, app, etc., that allows for filtering Google Play Store apps by either excluded or included permissions?
The option of filtering different app versions is a plus, as permissions may change across versions.
I found a few, limited alternatives.
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If you are concerned about privacy, then Google is not your friend.


Not just permissions, but the apps themselves need to be disabled/uninstalled.

New permissions can be added to any app at any update.

Many apps rely upon the permissions of other apps, especially if permissions are denied in the apps in question.

As far as I know, at least with Android 9 & 10, when you enter the permissions area of an app, there is an option to see all the other apps that have the same permission(s).

Another way is if you know what permission(s) you are looking for is to try this app:

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