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Fire TV not loading VUDU from apk - worked once now does not


Mar 7, 2018
Fire TV not loading VUDU from apk - worked once , now does not work.
I have more than one Fire Stick and Fire TV. Have been used to setting the debugging, downloading add-ons.
I downloaded VUDU from reviewdork.com and also found it listed at apkmirror.com/vudu
After installing the Downloader into FTV. So I got it to work one time, on the first stick.
Now, on every other stick, Fire TV, and my Element brand Amazon Fire TV this does not complete
the process, I never get the Install option.
The download bar works left to right as if the chosen apk is downloading, but after that I should be able to
get an install button, or on downloader should have some files in the download folder.
I thought the websites were not working, but from my PC or my tablet these websites clearly are not down
and are up and working.
I am stumped. Maybe you know of a way to download onto a PC and somehow update the devices, but I have never had success with that either, I typically have learned to use ES Explorer and Downloader to get
side-loaded apps installed. And because it worked so easily the first time I thought it would be a no-brainer.

SUMMARY: apkmirror.com/vudu and reviewdork.com are not able to download VUDU on my FTV devices.
Anyone have another way to get VUDU loaded ?

Sorry if this topic has been covered, I did try searching, this is my first post.
I used a orange colored icon program/app labeled Downloader, it has a folder for downloads and that folder was empty. Not sure if FTV has some download folder off the root directory or something and so far nothing named vudu seems to show up so I don't know if there would be a folder for vudu with a download section.
Hope this answer makes sense.
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What generation of Fire TV do you have? I know that in some instances, such as Google Play, it only works on the older generations due to the version of Android they are running vs the latest Stick and TV devices which are running a newer version of Android. I haven't tried downloading VUDU on my Fire TV 3rd Generation. Maybe I can try tonight and see how it goes. Technically, if you're using Downloader from the Amazon app store, it should give you the option to open the APK after it's downloaded.
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