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Firefox Beta vs Dolphin HD


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Oct 17, 2010
Hey all,

I have been using the Dolphin HD browser on my Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - and love it. It's the best browser I have ever used (even better than my previous favorite, Opera).

On the PC, I am a fan of Firefox - so I downloaded the FireFox Android Beta (HERE). I know it's in the beta stages, but I figured I would mentioned that I still like the layout of Dolphin HD better. I am surprised, however, at how similar they are laid out!

We'll see how things progress....


I still use the stock browser. I have Firefox Beta 2 installed and like where it's heading but it's got too many quirks still to use it as my primary browser. Could never get into Dolphin... its UI and I just don't get along. I keep it installed though since it allows you to spoof the User Agent which allows me to authenticate on some portals that don't properly recognize the Captivate... such as Barnes & Noble wifi hotspots (which are AT&T, ironically).
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