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Firmware from different location?


Jan 2, 2013
Hi all!

I bought my HTC One X in UK on contract 6 months ago, recently i had moved to the Philippines, do you guys know if this may be the cause that my phone will not be updated to new jelly bean firmware? Will i ever receive software from here?

Thanks in advance for replies :)
You will receive the firmware when the UK gets it.

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Thanks Chanchan

Its just that i was able to search t-mobile forum where there was a guy claiming that he already received jelly bean ver. 4.1.2 on HTC One X It is little bit strange for me that we are in the same network and i haven't received this update yet. Any comments ?
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It's normal. Usually despite being on the same network, the updates for the devices are not released at the same time due to product codes and such. Also, it could be that T-Mobile released the update via OTA method, in which case you need to be using a T-Mobile SIM if I remember correctly. Its a bit more difficult with HTC as I don't know if they have a PC update program. With a Samsung you can just install Kies on a PC or Mac and update your phone where ever you are in the world or whatever carrier you are currently using your phone on. If HTC has a similar program you may have to use that.
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There is no such a software for HTC unfortunately and i dont know if my T-mobile sim card can be fully functional while roaming as to giving me software update prompt. I have directed my question to HTC customer service let's see what they say. The website given is perhaps good for someone who already has rooted phone, i don't like to do it if i don't have to. Thank you for all replies
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