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First post, need some help...


Apr 19, 2012
Hello all, converted longtime iPhone user here. Thought I'd give an Android phone a shot after years and years of ho-hum experiences with Apple. Made the switch when my wife and I converted over to Verizon from AT&T.

First, I am amazed at all the things that this phone can do that my iPhone 4 couldn't. Really glad I decided to give it a shot.

However, here's the one complaint I have. And I do mean ONE...

A close group of friends (5, counting me) and I had a really long-running group message. We were all iPhone users, thus the messages were all in iMessage form after the iOS 5 upgrade. Since I switched to the Droid, I haven't been able to get this particular group message to work properly with these guys. I have tried using both the "Verizon Message" app and "Handcent" to no avail.

I can create a new message to all 4 of them, send it, and they all get my initial message along with any further message from me. However, I get no responses from them in that particular group message. They can all text me individually just fine. It's only the group message that doesn't work. Also, they have all indicated that, on their ends, the message appears to be sending as an iMessage to everyone, just like it always has (which is why I'm probably not getting it).

I still have my old iPhone but have turned off iMessage capability and deactivated wi-fi, so there's no way I'm getting anything on that phone (number is also ported, obviously). I also went onto the Apple website and disassociated (or whatever it was called) my device, per some of the comments I had seen elsewhere. To make matters more complicated, I got a totally different group message earlier today from one of these same guys, but also including about 10 other people. Of those people, I know that several are iOS users, but I would presume that at least a few of them do not have an iPhone. I got every single message in that group perfectly fine, from both iPhone users and not!

As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating. I'm a little torn, because I love the Android system so far, but the group messaging is a pretty big part of my life. I still about 10 days to make a decision about keeping the Razr or switching back to the iPhone through Verizon.

Please help!

P.S. Posting this in the form of a question was a last resort. I have enjoyed the tips I've picked up from the forum, but really hate to bombard the board with my issues, however, I just haven't seen something THIS specific anywhere, on any site.
try Go sms Pro thats got a group message function i think

Thanks, I'll give it a shot, but I think my problem is bigger than that. In my initial post I pointed out that I've tried Verizon Messages and Handcent, both of which have group messaging capabilities and both of which have worked for iOS-Android messaging for other people. It just seems that I'm the exception...
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well hey, it all depends what your priority it is. If its the best phone with amazing batt life its the Maxx.. if its group texts then its the Iphone. I think theres an app out there that will convert emails to text or the other way

I would not give up my Maxx just because of text messages i know that much

Barring something unthinkable happening, I won't be going back to the iPhone. I would just like a resolution to this issue for a phone that, otherwise, is pretty damn good.

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