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fix for unsucessful download problems


Nov 1, 2010
Its been weeks since I could download from the apps market. This made me seriously think I had made the wrong choice switching to the androind platform. After many hours of frustration, and numerous attempt to fix the problem using various suggestions, I have now found a solution.

My Garmin Nuvifone A50 automatically downloads marketplace upgrades. As a last resort, I uninstalled the upgrades and reverted to the version that was installed in my handset. (settings>applications>manage applications> marketplace>delete {do not delete marketplace updater}).

My phone no downloads apps as it should so it would appear that the upgrade was causing the problem. Its really annoying that this situation was allowed to arise in the first place, but was made even worse by the lack of information available.

Im sure that the situation will happen again as my phone is set to update silently. But I will just have to revert to the original version until the situation is resolved.

Please post this with as wide a coverage as possible so as to prevent the inconvieniance that I have been caused happening to others.


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