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Root Flash/Port CDMA Droid Razr to Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile doesn't use GSM. Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint just as Virgin Mobile. Boost Mobile is CDMA. They used to have phones that use sim cards on their iDEN network but they have been phasing their iDEN out to use Sprint's PCS 1900Mhz CDMA network for their pre-paid. I have an LG marquee on Boost Mobile and I assure you it is CDMA.

I appreciate the quick reply. The Droid Razr I have is the Verizon version which is CDMA and GSM for the LTE radio. Which from what I've read it accepts frequencies AT&T and T-Moble uses so there should be a way to use it on Straight Talk as well. Is there a way I can clone my LG Marquee I have now to the Droid Razr or something similar to people getting the HTC EVO 4G and Nexus S flashed to Boost Mobile?
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mmmm alright bud

but anyways, if anything, youll need a brand new sims card to get urself started. then using the phones identity number, youll have to input that while setting up your phone to boost. (youll need the sims number as well)
in the apn, youll need to set it up for boost mobile (having it connected to verizon will screw things for you, might wven need to twdak a few things in the firmware) . if you recieve any signal reqaurding a boost mobile reciever than your set, if not than your outa luck.
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im not 100% sure but i think in order to clone your lg to the droid you would need: the MEID DEC from the lg, and CDMA workshop (i would suggest buying it, the free trial version doesnt give you all the options you need) and i think to make things easier you would need to root the droid to find the msl. id also suggest checking around on here as well as XDA as im not sure of all the steps to swap everything. i currently have a flashed Evo 4G from cloning my Incognito but i had it all done by someone i found on craigslist. they explained it all to me but i dont really remember it all.
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You'll most likely have to flash a new radio for it to pick up boost correctly, and the bootloader is locked so that's not happening.

Not possible

My bootloader can be unlocked so does that mean mine may be flashable to boost or a similar carrier. I know there is great work thats been done for page plus without a sim card and a unlock method for similar companies like ATT, Straighttalk, etc.
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